First, as a reminder, New Millennium Concepts Ltd. has a detailed warranty policy for the Berkey Systems which you will find in your purchase package.

The warranty on the Black Berkey Purification Elements comes with a pro-rated compensation rate as follows; for the first six months there is no cost for replacement of the BBE if it qualifies under the warranty. From six months to twelve months since purchase, you are required to pay 25% of the cost of the BBE if qualifying under the warranty. From twelve months to eighteen months the replacement cost to you would be 50% of the original cost. From eighteen months to 24 months the cost to you is 75% of the original cost. After 24 months there is no warranty coverage.

Defects in workmanship of canisters and associated accessories have a one-year warranty.

As authorized Dealers for Berkey Purification Systems made by New Millennium Concepts we must comply to their policies regarding the warranty and replacement of products.


Should you, as the purchaser, choose to return your Berkey Water Purification System the compensation return policies are as follow:

  1. If it is within the first 10 days of the shipping arrival date and one of the following two conditions have been met, we will provide a full refund. If the Berkey system and all accessories are in the original packaging and the system has NOT been assembled or used in any manner OR if the Berkey system has been assembled but the Black Berkey elements have NOT been primed (made wet) and otherwise tampered with the full refund will apply.

    It is the responsibility of the customer to cover the cost of returning the system to our office.

    Upon receipt of the system, it will be examined to ensure there is no damage to any of the components. Once this is verified a full refund will be issued.

  2. When it is 10 days past the original date of purchase and the system has been fully operational, compensation will only be made on the value of the stainless-steel canisters as used filters and accessories cannot be refurbished for resale. If the Berkey system has been used as intended by providing purified water for consumption and there are no issues that would qualify under the warranty provided by New Millennium Concepts Ltd a decision to return the system will have compensation rates as follows:

    1. Within 30 days of the purchase date the compensation will be 75% of the canister value.

    2. From 30 to 60 days of the purchase date the compensation will be 50% of the canister value.

    3. From 60 to 90 days of the purchase date the compensation will be 25% of the canister value.

    4. From 90 to 120 days of the purchase date the compensation will be 10% of the canister value.

All canisters must be shipped to us in the original carton.

As already stated, by law, we cannot sell used filters to the public as they cannot be refurbished. Should you return the filters to us, they will be disposed of in an appropriate and timely manner.

Revised April 2020